Ginze Tutoring is a result of the efforts of Michael Ginze's desire to serve Hemet, San Jacinto and the surrounding area.

Michael Ginze received a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education from Western Illinois University and a Master of Education Technology from Azusa Pacific University. He also has done extensive studies in Language Acquisition, Religious Education, Mathematics, and Electronics. Michael is a credentialed Mathematics Teacher and has taught Math at the middle and high school levels for the past eight years. As well, he has experienced teaching Industrial and Construction Technology in public schools and life skills as a missionary. He has also worked in the electronics field and proudly served in the United States Navy.

Having worked with excellent teachers in the area, he has seen first-hand the need for quality mathematics tutoring and supplementary math education. He has also encountered many talented students struggling with math and has observed that some students entering his class lacked some of the skills and background needed to be successful in Algebra and higher math. He concluded that part of the reason for this situation is that math requires a different kind of thought process. When students entered a Math class, they were being asked not only to remember but also to apply concepts to situations growing more complex by the day.

In addition, since students have various life experiences that shape personal learning processes, he presents content in a manner that students easily relate to. He also feels that, for some students, the lack of one to one methods of instruction creates issues that cause difficulties in learning.